Julie is an integrative therapist. This means her style of working is flexible in order to best suit each client’s individual needs. She can look beyond the problem a client brings to sessions in order to try to find links or patterns in the client’s life story, or to discover the various ways a situation is impacting upon the client.

Julie tries to view a client’s situation from their point of view. She often asks questions, and sometimes challenges a client’s way of thinking, in order to help the client to see their situation in a different way. Looking at a situation in a new light can be very helpful in finding a way forward.

Sometimes a lot of progress can be made in as little as one session.

Julie can help clients with: Abuse (past or present), Trauma (past or present), Anxiety, Depression, Life Difficulties and/or Decisions, and Relationship Issues

Clients typically book sessions for the same day and time each week. However, if this will be an issue for you, please speak with Julie about your requirements.

Sessions booked Monday to Friday between 8:00am and 8:00pm will be charged at £55 for 60 mins.

Sessions booked Monday to Friday after 8:00pm, and any sessions booked Saturday or Sunday, will be charged at £65 for 60 mins.

Fees are in Pound Sterling (GBP). All payments are through bank transfer.

Unfortunately, Julie has no available spots for counselling students at this time.

For now, all sessions are conducted online. This not only helps to keep both counsellor and client safe during the pandemic, but it also allows flexibility particularly for those clients who lead busy lives and those who travel frequently as sessions can still take place wherever you are in the world.

If you have any questions, please ask.

Phone: (UK) +44 7942 582414

Email: thereflectivepath@protonmail.com